Why I miss Rick Perry (alternate headline: Obama administration chooses to jeopardize women’s health over politics).

Because he’s willing to put his money where is mouth is, or in this case, he isn’t backing down to the federal government.

Via Hot Air, Tina Korbe relates the aftermath of the battle in Texas over “women’s health.” Perry cut Planned Parenthood out of the Texas’ Women’s Health Program, and now the federal government has chosen to withhold funds from Texas that kept the program afloat. In other words, the Obama administration has chosen to truly jeopardize women’s health to protect Planned Parenthood. Funny how that works, no? Tina Korbe:

The answer to my original question is: Yes, the Obama administration actually does want to cut funding and jeopardize the Texas’ Women’s Health Program entirely. He cares more to protect Planned Parenthood than he does to protect women’s health, in general. Fortunately for low-income women in Texas, Rick Perry won’t stand for it.

Korbe highlights Guy Benson, who adds:

Perry, who slammed the federal government constantly during his short-lived bid for the Republican presidential nomination, has directed state health officials to find the funding to keep the program going from other parts of the budget, but he has promised not to raise revenues to cover the costs.

Ah, I pine for what might have been. Another Benson zinger:

So I guess indigent Texas women will simply have to go without because Obama’s government prioritizes protecting a political ally and Democrat cash cow over the “women’s health” they claim to hold dear.

Ah, reality: the irony of it will be lost on liberals.


2 Responses

  1. I miss Rick Perry too. We are left with two lousy candidates. Santorum and Romney; I can’t imagine either beating Obama so we are screwed for almost five years. O won’t have to worry about being reflected, so he will do anything he can get away with.

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