Was there a mirror at the altar? Bride marries herself

Well, why not, right? Since marriage means nothing to most folks anyway, why not marry yourself? Via Shine:

Here comes the single bride. Last week, Nadine Schweigert married herself in a symbolic wedding ceremony. The 36-year-old divorced mom of three wore blue satin and clutched a bouquet of white roses as she walked down the aisle before a gathering of 45 friends and family members in Fargo, North Dakota.

She vowed to “to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self,” reports Fargo’s InForum newspaper . After the ring was exchanged with the bride and her inner-groom, guests were encouraged to “blow kisses at the world,” and later, eat cake.

Schweigert, who followed the ceremony with a solo honeymoon in New Orleans, claims the wedding was her way of showing the world she’s learned to love and accept herself as a woman flying solo.
“I was waiting for someone to come along and make me happy,” she told reporter Tammy Swift . “At some point, a friend said, ‘Why do you need someone to marry you to be happy? Marry yourself.'”

Piper Weiss, an editor of Shine adds:

I believe everyone has the right to marry, regardless of sexual preference. For some people being alone is what feels most natural. Shouldn’t they too be entitled to tax breaks? Don’t they get a moment in the spotlight, the chance to rationalize a way-too-expensive dress, the two weeks off from work unquestioned, the ridiculous kitchen appliances they’d never have bought for themselves? It’s time we did away with the stigma of ‘old maids’ and the belief that you’re not really complete without a partner.

Ah, yes. The right to marry. For tax breaks, big dresses, vacations and appliances. Cause that’s what it’s all about, babe. It’s discrimination to say otherwise.

Even Politifact is forced to admit Rick Santorum is right in saying over 40% of American children are born out of wedlock; can we admit that maybe, just maybe our insistence as a culture to focus on marriage as a right or a means to have a big, fluffy party might not be the right one? Because traditional marriage is about, you know, having kids?

Schweiger, by the way, has three, one of whom was mortified by her marriage to herself.

H/t: HA headlines

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9 Responses

  1. […] wait to marry yourself years later and far away? Just go on out and buy your very own “divorce ring” at a […]

  2. Nuns also marry their “inner groom”, their “beautiful self” — he’s called “Christ”. They even wear a ring. And they don’t need a civil marriage license.

    • Wow, Mary. There’s a big difference between taking a religious vocation–becoming the bride of Christ, per se–and marrying one’s self. Oceans of difference.

      • No, pjMom, not in the recognition that Christ is one’s deepest identity, one’s true self. As such, marriage to Christ is to one’s deepest identity, to one’s true self, or as the article says, one’s “beautiful self”. Thus, one who marries her “inner groom” / “beautiful self”, i.e. herself in this beautiful sense, is in a marriage with Christ. Similar understandings also exist in other religions, psychology and philosophy where “self” (as in “beautiful self”) has deeper / transcendent meaning beyond the everyday so-called “egoic” self.

  3. How long until you think THIS marriage of hers ends in divorce too???

  4. I understand why she’s divorced.
    For some reason I didn’t have a right to marry. In fact, I had to get permission from two different authorities — the government and the rabbi.

  5. You kidding me? I married my computer years ago…

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