I guess I am a robot, then

Is it just me, or does anyone else have perpetual problems proving you’re not among the robots? I apparently always fail the type-the-wavy-text and have just failed the hearing test as well because I couldn’t identify one of the words of the string. At two different blogs trying to leave comments.

(But if I’m a robot, why do I always want to sleep?)

So thanks, Chris Wysocki (I tried to leave a comment!) and ohmygoodness, Sherry, that sounds crazy! Picaken, if you must know. (And during Lent. Scandalous!)


2 Responses

  1. […] just to let you know, I am experiencing the I guess I am a robot problem.  WordPress might have a funky drop-down menu, but at least the comments work. Share […]

  2. I think they are getting tougher because people have developed programs to try and defeat them which are getting better. I’ve been having trouble recently too. It’s annoying when they use strings of letters that aren’t words, because there’s so much distortion that it’s hard to decipher what those letters sometimes are. The blog site Dreamwidth is changing to simple logic puzzles instead, unless the user requests staying with captcha (in the cases of readers who may not speak or understand English that well). The funniest thing though was getting a random Captcha from Livejournal in Russian.

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