Liberals are so open minded!

Tolerant, too. Behold Liberal Woman extraordinaire:

As a lifelong Democrat, I never thought I would be in this place. I never thought I would have to confront this dreaded unforeseen fear — the terror that is, for me, dating a Republican. I don’t even know very many Republicans. But it turns out, I’m not alone. Outside of Washington D.C., the entire country is pretty segregated when it comes to political parties. According to dating website, seven out of ten people are in a relationship with someone of the same political persuasion. I grew up knowing very few Republicans and the rare ones I did know got made fun behind their backs, be it children or adults. I know there were some Republicans at my college because there was a “College Republicans” group on campus, but this was the Bushy era and the conservatives who were smart enough to get into my university were too smart to be vocal defenders of the Dick Cheney puppet show that was the aughts.

It gets better [Emphasis my own]:

I’ve been living in Los Angeles ever since in the type of place where, at the moment President Obama was pronounced the winner of the race, we threw open our windows and whooped and shrieked out into the streets till an impromptu parade erupted and bars served free drinks. I cried. I’ve worked for the Democratic Party, interned for a Democratic Congressman and Senator. And even though I went to a more conservative law school, there were enough liberals on campus that if you included the faculty, we could flock together so that I rarely interacted with those others who met with our derision.

Ah, derision. Such a shame that those cretins can still exist knowing we heap our scorn upon them. How can they not shrink in horror and mend their ways? Now, to her horror, Liberal Woman is dating a RINO. I mean, he’s not even really conservative, but hellsbells, this could spell disaster!

How did I come to date a man who told me he “liked a lot of Mitt Romney’s ideas” and that he thought John Kerry wasn’t really a war hero and that cap and trade is a terrible system? At first I didn’t think it would be a big issue. I fell in love with someone who has many similar interests and a big generous heart and when he told me he was an Independent, I thought that was just something moderate Democrats said when being pretentious about how non-conformist they are. I didn’t realize I was dating someone who would spend every single Tuesday night glued to Wolf Blitzer’s analysis of another Republican primary. And to be frank, at this point, it’s making me freak out. I get mad at him just thinking about our past political discussions. I can’t date a Republican! What was I thinking? What if I have little Republican babies?

I guess there isn’t a prenatal test for that yet. Good thing you support abortion, eh? So just abort ’em all to be safe. Better not let ’em grow up with that shadow looming over their heads.

At least she knows he’s a RINO:

Another burgeoning concern is that I’m starting to feel like I always have to watch what I say.  Yes, I know there are many intelligent Republicans out there and if the party was made up of just David Frums and Christopher Buckleys or even Mitt Romneys, they’d be a reasonable moderate party that I have an intellectual disagreement with and there wouldn’t be anything to make fun of.  But for now, there are a lot of crazy extremist cooks running the Republican party and when you get into Santorum territory and Palin country, I want the freedom to openly mock and deride in a forum where I don’t have to worry about offending someone. Is that so wrong?  I’m sick of back-peddling every time I accidentally call them teabaggers.

Oooh. It gets really nasty when she feels her boyfriend insults her intelligence at the expense of defending Sarah Palin. I’m surprised she didn’t walk out. Instead she tossed around “hick” and “dolt.” What strikes me most, however, is she holds up Democrats as only nominating folks who are intelligent for city council much less the vice-Presidency.  I guess she hasn’t seen Joe in action. Or if she has, she’s too much of a “doltish hick” to understand how stupid he is.

Go figure.

H/t: Hot Air headlines


6 Responses

  1. I hope he dumps her.
    …It would be nice to live somewhere like the Orange County where party affiliation is 50/50. This way I wouldn’t have to sit through conversations like, for instance, how great it is that in German fashion magazines they show nipples because sex is great and natural, and how awful it is that Americans are so violent that they have to sensor Indiana Jones when they show it on German TV. And how OMG, I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, but our system is corrupt, and our war machine just keeps going, and we are about to go to war with Iran. Meanwhile Germans in the room are gulping because they long suspected that there is, like, a Zionist on their couch.

    • He should after being the object of her open scorn.

      And I feel the same way about moving back to Northern Virginia (though I will concede that you find the odd conservative here and there, unlike the Bay area).

  2. LOL that was hilarious. That guy of hers needs to run for the hills. Run away! Run away!

  3. Too many quotable quotes. And that was just an excerpt!

    I don’t know how Nixon won. No one I know voted for him.

    • @AHLondon, I know. And I couldn’t even use the great one about little social justice warriors playing pin the tail on the blue donkey. Hubs from afar commented of late that I’ve been blockquoting too much. (Um, because you’ve been away for months, I reply). There was too much to pounce on here.

      Re Nixon, lol. I was lucky to live in a red state in the Bush years.

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