“A woman who does this is a heroine of feminism. A man who does this is a louse”

So writes Instapundit of Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, a mother of two who decided she didn’t want to be a mother anymore and abandoned her family to live in Japan and pursue writing. He’s right, of course. She is a finalist for the National Book Award for her memoir, Hiroshima in the Morning.  From the article at Parenting:

This morning’s TODAY Show featured a segment on a woman who chose to leave her husband and two young sons (ages 3 and 5 at the time) while on an extended research trip to Japan because she realized she didn’t want to be a mom anymore leaves my chest tight and my gut aching. Photos show her boys as pre-school-age angels. I want to hug and kiss them as my own.


Reiko Rizzuto speaks of her struggles to stay true to herself and admits that she had never wanted children (which begs the question why she had two). “I didn’t want to be swallowed up,” she says on the TODAY Show interview.

Swallowed up. There is a remedy for that, actually, it’s called embracing the life you’ve chosen. With a soon to be four year-old and another on the way, I do understand the sentiment at times. Except I thank God daily for the family that I have and remind myself of that when the going gets tough. I can imagine parenting can be more challenging without some kind of perspective. I’m lucky my faith provides it. As does my sense of life. How incredibly sad for her–and for her sons–to know that she wasn’t thankful. That she didn’t want her life after all.

Then again, bioethicists argue for this very reason that abortion should be available as an after-birth option. Because adoption is too traumatic. And some people really do realize after the baby’s born that eh, maybe this life’s not for me. At least Reiko Rizzuto let her children live…

UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a Recommended Read. Thanks!

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  2. Ugh, it makes my heart ache too to think of the selfishness of that woman. Being a SAHM to two boys is no easy task but I honestly do not know what I would do if I wasn’t their mom on a daily basis. They are the reason I exist. (And baby #3)

    I do not understand people like this. It truly boggles my mind. I pray for those little boys.

    • @Lisa, the boys are now teens. Her pursuit of her career &abandonment of family happened a while ago. I wonder how the boys feel though now that their story is pretty public. Embarrassing that she would eccentric tell the story, but I suppose that’s part of her “empowerment” and appealing to a very feminist audience. Hey, look what you can accomplish, Just ditch the kids with your shlub husband.

  3. It’s simply Eat Pray Love but instead it’s Flee…Write…Fame…bleah.

    We no longer think there is any greater thing in society than serving one’s self. We are in such trouble.

    • Agreed, Sherry. But we reproduce and don’t abort or abandon our kids, so with a little luck and more than a few prayers, our values will transcend. That’s what I hope, anyway.

  4. Planned Parenthood head says “keep politics out of women’s health”…

    Children might be inconvenient. So women need choice. It’s for their health….

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