Sign of the times: Divorce Bling

Why wait to marry yourself years later and far away? Just go on out and buy your very own “divorce ring” at a jeweler near you.

bouquet divorce ring

This 18k gold-plated (why splurge for the real deal?) ring from Boticca features a bridal bouquet stuffed into the skull of a dead bird.

“Mourning is not just about dead people,” explains Gisele Ganne, the ring’s designer. “It is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages.”

Continuing the dead bird theme, here’s another which can be used to literally hit back that mean ol’ ex

brass knuckles divorce ri …

If you can’t bear the thought of giving up your diamonds, here’s a polished version sans any dead animals:

dagger divorce ring

It still gets the message across, no?

You can find these and more at Yahoo, including a tiny coffin to lay to rest your martial rings. Does this stuff sell? Cynical me says yes. There wouldn’t be as much variety if there weren’t demand.


2 Responses

  1. Wow that’s some hideous jewelry. They hawking it on the shopping networks?

  2. How crass. Amazing the cultural crud that is around.

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