And we’re left with this

Jonah Goldberg arguing that Romney can attack Obamacare because he … can. Audacity of hope, y’all [emphasis my own]:

Core Republican voters will vote against Obama, not for Romney. Polls show GOPers are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012 than Democrats. Meanwhile, the independents and moderates who dislike Obamacare, but who are not libertarians, will most likely see Romneycare as evidence that Romney is not one of the right-wing crazies the Today show keeps warning them about.

It’s one thing to admit we’re screwed. But it’s entirely another to pretend that Romney’s albatross will attract votes because it isn’t conservatives we’re worried about. It’s that ever-elusive moderate middle. The one McCain was supposed to win.


H/t: HA headlines


6 Responses

  1. @BadB, Agreed, that’s how insurance is designed to work. For those who *agree* to opt into the system. Furthermore, it doesn’t behoove the young and healthy to buy more than catastrophic coverage. When the government *mandates* that folks buy specific plans, it forces young and healthy to buy more coverage than they need, and in this instance, forces people to pay for coverage they inherently disagree with.

    My Catholic brain says we have a moral obligation to support the poor THROUGH THE CHURCH, which does more to care for the poor, sick and elderly (and for a better price) than does the government. I support the church. Not the government.

    • I like how civil discussion helps clarify the mind. My objection was not the insurance mandate but the content of the mandate. Liability insurance mandates force people to be responsible for their cars. I think that only catastrophic medical insurance should be mandated.

  2. All I know is, Obama must go. I pray we can come together.

  3. I think that Obamacare is significantly different than Romneycare. As long as medical coverage is limited to medical needs. ( big IF)I think that state level buying pools are a good idea. One of the many problems with Obamacare is the size.

    • @Badb, pools aren’t a bad idea. But mandates are. And Romneycare mandates that people buy insurance, thereby lowering the cost of the “must insure” by forcing younger, healthier people to purchase coverage they don’t need or want. The insurance plans from which to choose are dictated by law (as in what coverage you must carry). How is that significantly different other than size?

      • I’m definitely of 2 minds about this. My mommy/catholic brain says that we need to be responsible and caring. We have a moral obligation to try not to burden others and to help the less fortunate. The libertarian brain says that people have a right to be left alone.
        I haven’t decided whether or not I object to the existence of a mandate. In fact I’m leaning more toward thinking it is a very practical idea. But under the principal of subsidiarity the highest level it should be handled at is the state level.
        As for healthy people subsidizing the sick, that is how insurance is designed to work. You spread the cost among a large amount if people. I

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