The pagentry of The Passion

How lovely to be able to celebrate one’s faith openly in public with others. In some places, it still happens. Via a friend’s email, witness the pagentry and spectacle of Good Friday in Malta as captured by photographer Meg Pier:


Pier writes:

The emotion was evoked by the occasion — this display was in commemoration of Good Friday. Joe Pisani, one of several friends I made while on Malta, explained:

This is a unique exhibition which has been a Maltese tradition for many years. In such processions, they mingle characters and events of when Jesus was among the Jews and his exploits during his 33 years on Earth. The Good Friday procession depicts the last day of Christ, and symbolizes Jesus and the apostles greeted by the crowd when he entered Jerusalem on a donkey. They carry palms and olive tree branches to symbolize Jesus’ prayers in the garden of Gethsemane.

All these events are depicted with the statues carried in the procession by volunteers, who pay the church to carry them.  There are also people in chains and carrying heavy loads as penitence or to achieve a blessing from God, as they may have problems in life or sickness in the family.” Despite being only 17 miles by 9 miles, Malta has more than 365 churches — the majority of the country’s population is Catholic and it’s said that four out of five Maltese regularly attend Mass. A lapsed Catholic myself, I had been drawn here by the prospect of photographing a spectacle. In the process, I had found myself humbled by the strong faith in evidence here — not just in grand, symbolic expressions but woven in the fabric of day-to-day life.

Emphasis mine. How beautiful, in myraid ways.


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