Media bias: liberals can’t handle the whole truth, so how can it be distorted?

Heh. Via memeorandum, the BuzzFeed headline: By Historic Standards, Obama Is In Trouble. The graphic which engenders such hand-wringing:

The kicker [emphasis mine]:

Modern presidents who got re-elected were all leading in the polls at this point in their presidencies — as were some who lost anyway.Obama is in a statistical tie with Romney in the first Gallup daily tracking poll of the general election, and that might not be enough.

True enough, it is within the margin of error. Statistically, it is a tie. I find it amusing, nonetheless, that the lead belongs to Romney, not Obama, and yet that cannot be mentioned. Do not utter the words and they shalt not come true.

One Response

  1. I’m cautiously optimistic. I really think we can make this dud a one termer. Lord help this country if he gets re-elected.

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