Gender gap problem for the GOP? Maybe not.

Yesterday, An American Housewife send a mission “should we choose to accept it” to a few other ladies on Twitter. She pointed to this article from Chris Cillizza at the WaPo who gleefully notes the growing gender-gap doom for the GOP. He writes:

The number that really stands out is that among women between the ages of 18-29, Obama is beating Romney by 45 points.  Yes, 45. While Obama is leading Romney among all 18-29 years old by 28 points (61 percent to 33 percent), the fact he is down by such a vast margin among young women has to set off red flags in Republican world.

Ooooh. Those young hip and with its. At least they know what’s right.

According to the March Pew polling data, Romney narrowly edges Obama only among the over-65 ladies. Way to woo the grannies, Mitt.

I didn’t have much time to think about the data last night as we’re in another topsy-turvy crazy week. But the generational shift Cillizza pointed to does seem rather stark.








Behold, the news this morning seems much brighter. Poor Chris must’ve cried into his coffee. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air breaks down the internals from a new CBS/NYT poll where the data point in an entirely different direction:

One headline out of our poll is the shrinking gender gap. A month ago, President Obama had an 11-point lead over Mitt Romney among women voters. Today’s poll, taken after Hillary Rosen’s comments and the subsequent firestorm, puts the gap at six points.

But as everyone should know (and despite all we hear about the “female” vote), women aren’t some monolithic group. Our poll reveals sharp differences in opinion, for example, between married and single women.

Among MARRIED women, Romney leads Obama 49 to 42 percent. But among SINGLE women, Obama has a huge lead over Romney, 62 to 34 percent.

Those single Sandra Flukes like their pill covered dontcha know, and they don’t want to pay $9 a month at Target for it, either.

Should this be a surprise? Get married, have a kid or two, and suddenly your outlook changes. Drastically. You might care that those pills for single ladies now add to the mounting debt your children will have to somehow pay, and it doesn’t seems so fair after all, does it?

Morrissey breaks down the internals beautifully. The pollsters must be sweating bullets these days as they try to weight the data “fairly” to give their dude the appearance of not being as big a loser as he is. What a ride this will be over the next few months!

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  1. Interesting that our age bracket is more Republican than the next one (presumably boomer). Also, see this:

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