“Underemployment rocks because it knocks out that sense of entitlement.”

So argues Don Surber brilliantly on yesterday’s AP boo-hoo article detailing underemployment among college grads, especially those with liberal arts degrees.


I know. I am Mister Insensitivity but into each life a little rain must come. That is why an Associated Press story on the difficulties of recent college graduates facing joblessness or underemployment warmed the cockles of my heart. What a life lesson these 20-somethings are learning. The law of supply and demand trumps a sheepskin. Always has. Always will. I am 58 years old and no one has ever asked what my GPA is. People come to this blog and they don’t know whether I have a PhD or an eighth-grade education. They judge me on what I have to say and how I say it.

Underemployment rocks because it knocks out that sense of entitlement. People also learn what real work is.

Absolute truth.

I’m probably Mrs. Insensitivity after noting that the kid pictured bemoaning his Starbucks-barista fate with a BFA in Creative writing needed to lose the facial jewelry in order to get a real job. But such is life. Kids will learn. Eventually. Or else they’ll close out workin’ at Starbucks.

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