Idiocy: Nutella “victims” incapable of reading a label

Apparently we’re all exempt from reading government-mandated nutrition labels on our own.

Two moms sued Ferrero USA because they claimed the advertising of the popular European spread led them to believe the product was healthy as it contains hazlenuts, skim milk powder, and cocoa powder.

Apparently they never noticed it was sweet.

Really sweet.

Seriously, who fails to understand that even though something contains healthy ingredients, it might not be the best choice?  From American Thinker:

The  origins of the suits (one for California, the other for the rest of the country)  started with an epiphany that plaintiff Athena Hohenberg of San Diego  experienced last year. The mother of a 4-year-old said she was “shocked” to  learn Nutella chocolate spread was in fact loaded with calories and sugar, even  though its advertising noted that it contained some wholesome products —  hazelnuts, skim milk and such. It’s unclear how this epiphany occurred.  Could it be that Hohenberg finally bothered to look on the ingredients that  Nutella always had on the back of its labels?

As the mother of a four year-old, I’m shocked that another mother could be so stupid as to argue in a court of law that she’s completely incompetent to feed her children without being supposedly swayed by false advertising. Read. The. Label.

Who gets fattest (metaphorically speaking, of course) off the $3.5 million settlement? 25% goes to the lawyers. The rest of the idiots incapable of reading and making a decision can apply for $20 bucks, enough to buy 5 more jars of Nutella. What’s next? The total ban of food advertising? Or a section of the grocery stores of all the “bad” stuff?

By the way: I don’t bother with bread for Nutella. I just lick the spoon. With glee.



8 Responses

  1. LOL on your closing sentence. Bread does ruin the nutella, but a sure like it on a graham cracker.

  2. I hate Nutella so I don’t buy it. But one of my nephews was born in Europe and he loved it. So I bought it for him when he first moved back to the US. He ate that instead of peanut butter. I am not sure which one is better.

    How much did her kid eat? Stuff like still amazes me, it shouldn’t but it does.

  3. It is sickening how the public expects someone else to protect them the way they do. I mean, it’s not like Nutella is horrible for you. Just use it in moderation. Did these moms just give the kids a jar and a spoon?

    But as a grown-up I have at one point or another read the nutrituion facts on everything I and my kids have consumed. I can say it has never caused me to put it back on the shelf, just how sparce we eat it.

    But to take a case like this to suit is merely a public admission that you are too inept to care properly for your children. “I was too stooopid to read the label, and I kept feeding it to my kid, and now someone has to pay for my mistake” SMH

    • @John, agreed. There are legions of folks out there who do believe we are all idiots and that the village would do a better job. No thanks.

  4. Heh. Chocolate cake has eggs and wheat and maybe even butter – aka protein, grains and dairy. Sounds like health food to me! 🙂

  5. I use a banana as a spoon. Y

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