“Like, YAY” generation willing to trade “like, liberty” for that pack of free birth control pills

I can’t shake this out of my head.

Pundette posted this gem among many yesterday of a college crowd’s response to a Romney rally [emphasis hers]:

But there was no indication that Romney’s message resonated. Some of those watching called out “Obama 2012.” The first question was pointed: “So you’re all for like, yay, freedom, and all this stuff,” a woman said. “And yay, like pursuit of happiness. You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.”

Young white college gals ain’t so different from the black folks who wanted the free Obama money. Except they’re willing to sell their liberty for easy sex.

Read the rest and wince at what 40 years of like, feminist drivel and like, abysmal education systems have wrought: young ladies willing to prostitute themselves, for like, free!

(On a side note, I wonder what the young lady in question would say if she like, thought about the consequences of “free” birth control so freely given by the state. Like what happens when those free pills don’t work and you’re forced into free abortions? Or forced sterilization? I’m sure she doesn’t worry about such like, atrocities now, but maybe if she read the news she would. Or maybe not.)

Related: Allahpundit‘s palate cleanser isn’t a far stretch for the “like, yay” generation, Onion or not.

10 Responses

  1. […] Ar this point, I betcha Team Obama is wondering why the FREE BIRTH CONTROL bribe isn’t working. […]

  2. ugh. that quote makes my stomach and brain hurt.

  3. Check out Bishop Connely’s column on the contradictions of contraception. It seems that before the sexual revolution,, women rated themselves ss happier. http://Www.archden.org select Bishop Connelly then writings then columns

  4. […] Ar this point, I betcha Team Obama is wondering why the FREE BIRTH CONTROL bribe isn’t working. […]

  5. Let them talk to someone who lived in Cuba or under communism in the USSR. I am sure those people will gladly pay $9 for birth control if they got to keep their freedom.

    • No lie, @JACG.

    • Technically, abortions were free in the Soviet Union, but if a woman wanted to be cared for, as in she wanted pain relief, she’s have to pay under the table. And, of course, everyone had abortions because there was no birth control.

      • And, I should ad, people couldn’t fathom bringing more than one or two children into this world.

      • @Edge, why was this mentality prevalent?

      • It’s a hard question. For one, people were working really, really hard just to support a kid or two, and that wasn’t just mom and dad, but also two sets of grandparents.
        There was the general pessimism. My former co-workers mom wanted her to abort her second baby, because, she said, you don’t have another child in this country. She swore that she won’t help with the baby, and she didn’t help. They moved to the US in the late 70s, so the girl grew up here.
        I guess women are good at compartmentalizing, which was easy given the absence of ultrasounds. I heard some interesting ideas from older Russian women, like that the baby doesn’t start moving until 20 weeks of gestation.
        It took place in a society with a really high level of alcohol consumption, including that by women… I’m going to say that quite a few women derive perverse pleasure from trading their abortion horror stories.

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