Ann Romney spent WAY too much money on a shirt (that would have been FABULOUS on Michelle O!)

Because we all know Ann Romney is evil and rich whereas Michelle is FABULOUS at all times (NB: In case you’re wondering, “fabulous” must be read in best parody sing-song attempt to further mock the media hacks who live by such gross double standards.)

Or, as Lonely Conservative put it: Media Suddenly Takes Interest in in the Price Tag of Clothing of  Candidate’s Wife

ABC interviews the horrified designer of a $990 shirt Ann Romney bought off the rack:

The fashion house that makes the nearly $1,000 blouse worn by Ann Romney on morning television earlier this week tells ABC News that they had nothing to do with the wardrobe choice, remarking that they’d prefer to stay out of politics.

“We had nothing to do with it,” a rep for designer Reed Krakoff said. “She must have bought it from Saks or Bergdorf’s, we definitely didn’t send it to her.”

“It’s 100 percent a Reed Krakoff shirt, but we 100 percent didn’t send it to her,” the rep added. ”We don’t get involved politically.”

Translation: Dammit, why could Michelle not have worn our shirt?! It would have been FABULOUS!

No one cared Michelle’s ugly sweater cost over 2 grand.

Samantha Cameron Michelle Obama

Or, as Lonely Conservative reminds us, the hideous $500 sneakers worn to a homeless shelter.

No, we’re the tone-deaf  ones.

6 Responses

  1. Her shirt is ugly as hell, and cost more than my both my first and second cars…But at least it fits!

  2. If she’s going to pay 2K for a sweater, she should at least make sure that it fits her to a tee. If her body is not standard, have it all custom made.

  3. Well that just goes to show that money can’t buy taste. That sweater is ugly, nor does it fit her right. I don’t care how much it costs.

    I don’t bash her on fashion choices, I pretty much stay away from her altogether until she dips her toe into policy.

  4. Geez, 2 grand to spend on a sweater, and she can’t find one in her size?

  5. Amid the latest round of dismal economic news there is one small bright spot…

    Of course the Obama spin machine (aka “the media”) wants you to pay no attention to the bad news behind the curtain. They’d rather we read about Ann Romney’s “expensive” blouse (cheaper than Michelle Obama’s ugly sweater!) and Young Obama in lov…

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