Flyover country update


Julia obviously doesn’t live in Kansas.

(And I promise: I’m in the passenger seat!)


11 Responses

  1. Kansas–Isn’t that where even scarecrows have brains?

    • LOL, I have lived in Kansas just about a year, and I have to say that you are correct. What a realistic, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth bunch I have met here. Well, except for the Westboro Baptist people, which I’ve thankfully NOT met . . .

      • We should all be thankful. The west over folks can burn in hell. I don’t think I’ve ever said that of anyone but to do what they do to soldier’s families, they deserve a special spot.

        As far as the displays of Midwestern sensibility, we found it refreshing.

  2. hey there, have a great journey. Who paid for the sign? I couldn’t read it either.

    • Now I can’t read it either. Didn’t have a chance to check from the laptop to see if the resolution was decent enough. Can’t tell from phone. But we were amazed in general by the tenor and number of billboards in Kansas. This was close to Riley. My favorite was “Porn kills,” in front of an adult store. Wish we weren’t so wiped out when we got to KC last night, but we didn’t plan on making it that far originally.

    • And thanks. I’m still in denial. Hope your PCS goes smoothly soon. Ours has been nuts.

      • Sorry to hear it has been nuts. Sure hope the other end of it is much smoother. I’m still in denial about our PCS, which I can afford for now, ha, b/c we still have about 5 more weeks.

        I’ll be thinking about ya. Keep us posted.

      • Will have to email you this week. Im trying to look at bright side: always lessons to be learned lol. Thanks. ; )

  3. Ummm, what does it say? something something dictator?

    • Mrpcabbage, sorry it’s so small. It reads: “wannabe Marxist dictator.” It also has below it who paid for the sign. Around here, it seems she would be pretty popular.

      • Thanks. Of course. I suppose I could have filled it in myself – the important word was readable after all! Always did like Kansas.

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