“The ghost of liberalism future”

The glories of long car trips. I attempted to explain to my husband the gory details of Elizabeth Warren’s Indian implosion somewhere after St. Louis. And though she looks like what she is–chiefly, a horrid liar incapable of defending her use of an incorrect label she took gross advantage of–I would never put it past liberals to overlook crooks and liars. (Marion Barry?!)

But I do think Warren has inflicted more damage to liberalism than the potential loss of the”Kennedy” seat: she has proven the uselessness of racial preferences in hiring. If she can claim Indian status, then anyone can.

From Commentary:

Because Warren is playing an important role in our political discourse: she is the ghost of liberalism future. Warren’s alleged use of affirmative action, if true, would have to be the most egregious abuse of the system at the expense of minorities we’ve seen yet. Elizabeth Warren is, as a white woman, statistically speaking very much a member of this country’s majority. The only category in which she is a true minority is wealth: Elizabeth Warren is very, very rich.

How telling. I read something earlier I can’t find: Professor Warren is the only non-Ivy League grad in the law faculty. Double-minority has benefits, no?

But Warren was not done making a mockery of a system she seems to have exploited, and in so doing risked discrediting. To call her on these shenanigans, she explained, is sexist. Hot Air has caught her repeating this claim, making it a pillar of her defense. First, her campaign spokeswoman said this: “Once again, the qualifications and ability of a woman are being called into question by Scott Brown who did the same thing with the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan. It’s outrageous.”

Then Warren waded into it herself, saying of Brown: “What does he think it takes for a woman to be qualified?”

The sad part about all this is that Warren is clearly intelligent and dedicated to her (redistributionist) cause. Back in August, Christopher Caldwell wrote a piece on her in the Weekly Standard in which he praised her earlier writing as “brilliant and counterintuitive work.” Though many on the right object to Warren’s politics, no one thought she was ill-equipped intellectually for the important debate on economic policy now sweeping the public sphere.

To say nothing of her inability to have a better excuse at the ready for the long-lived lie.


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  1. It gives me such pleasure to watch the disintegration of the Warren campaign. It has such poetic irony.

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