Got it on Craigslist!

Isn’t it adorable? A real deal Thinking Chair!! Got it for a steal on Craigslist!

My older son’s old bike he outgrew (like everything else these days) – sold it on Craigslist!

The ball pit for the younger son? Found it Craigslist!

The backless bar stools we replaced with chairs with backs (ah comfort) – sold those on Craigslist!

Oh and this beauty….

Isn’t he adorable? We found him on Craigslist! No, really! We met some lady through a Craigslist discussion who had too many embryos and was placing the spares in loving families! How exciting! Double cool is that while I was chatting with her I found the bassinet and onesies I needed on CL, too.  Can’t wait for the big family reunion where the children she kept get to meet the children she gave away! Fun times!!

Happy…umm….Mother’s Day, y’all.

H/T Creative Minority



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  1. I had to click through to make sure it wasn’t your new baby. (That old?) 🙂

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