And folks wonder why I blog anonymously

I’ve always said its primarily to protect my husband’s Miliary career. Very true. It’s also out of a sense of need to guard my family, apparently a darn good reason these days as Stacy McCain has had to move his family to ensure their safety after exposing a well-funded lefty radical who happens to be a convicted bomber (no joke). Said convicted bomber, Brett Kimberlin, has already harassed, intimidated and stalked other bloggers–for telling the truth–to the point that attorney Aaron Worthing (who did blog under a pseudonym) and his wife both lost their jobs. Scary, no? The Lonely Conservative rightly calls the situation “horrible.”

Michelle Malkin Labels this what it is: an assault on free speech.

Hit Stacy’s tip jar, and do what you can to help Worthing. Liberals a la Streisand keep cretins like Kimberlin floating in donations. Let’s support our own in the fight againstthese who wish to silence truth.

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  4. This is so disturbing.

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