And folks wonder why I blog anonymously, part II

I feel sick to my stomach after reading Patterico’s tale of extreme harassment–no terrorization– at the hands of lefties who can’t argue ideas, so they resort to violence to intimidate folks like Patterico into silence instead. They have targeted his employer, his wife, and his family, while bragging about the damage they’ve done to others.

I think about the baby rolling around in utero now, and the preschooler still tucked in bed sleeping upstairs. Of my husband, his career— and how easy it would be for someone to use me to defame him–and I question whether or not I have the gumption to continue in the face of what Patterico and others have endured. Of course, that’s  the reaction leftist terrorists Like Brett Kimberlin want me to have, and that’s why they pursue thug tactics: to silence the truth. They don’t expect the Army of Davids to rise against them.

I believe in free speech. I believe in truth and beauty, both of which fall on our side as we expose the underbelly of leftist thought and the culture of death as it shamelessly preys upon the weakest of society.

I stand with truth and beauty, not silence.

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UPDATE: I’ve never been linked like this. I’m proud to be part of the army, y’all. Thanks!

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All this led to my first link from Memeorandum yesterday. I should have taken a screenshot for posterity ; )


16 Responses

  1. I keep telling myself I should be more frightened of their lawless tactics and more careful about identity, for all the same reasons you so expressively wrote above. Ooh, it just makes you mad enough to poke the bees nest anyway, don’t it? cheers!

  2. […] Political Junkie’s Mom‘s post hit home for me as it ended a bizarre 24 hours for me. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, we get focused so much on the target…we forget what we are fighting for. That is both the positive (and negative) of being a man. Our ability to compartmentalize is what allows us to kill our enemies or prey by day and cradle our children at night. But sometimes we become too engrossed in one compartment. That is why my wife says that she sees her number one job as making sure I don’t ignore the home compartment…it was the same when I was in Iraq. I had a mission to do and I put 110% into it. It was hard to come off that precipice and interact with the family because switching compartments isn’t always easy…but it is necessary. […]

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  5. I stand with Stacy McCain, wherever he is…

    As Glenn Reynolds put it, trying to out-crazy Stacy McCain is not going to end well. If anything it’s caused many, many bloggers to look into just who Brett Kimberlin is. And what we’ve found is downright scary….

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  7. I made mistakes from not knowing any better that have my name attached to my blog. Looking back, I would do it differently.

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