Obama to military: Do as I say, not as I do

Says Obama who proclaims his L-O-V-E for the military while chasing votes. Heh. Fortunately, most folks know better. From National Journal, behold partisan rewriting of history at its best:

Obama is airing a television ad in those states and four other battlegrounds that references the killing of bin Laden and says “we have a sacred trust’’ to take care of soldiers when they come home. “It’s not enough just to make as speech about how much we value veterans. It’s not enough just to remember them on Memorial Day,’’ Obama says in the television spot.  First Lady Michelle Obama’s pet project is outreach to military families.

Sacred Trust, my ass. That’s what appointing a known budget hawk to head the Department of Defense will get ya. For a refresher:

This year: Obama budget proposal protects unionized civil servants, hits active-duty military. And retirees. Sacred trust. The National Journal article fails to mention that tidbit. Instead, the run-around:

Military voters, he claimed, more recently have tended to bend toward whichever party they feel is doing the better job of “keeping the faith” with the troops – possibly the year’s most repeated phase by lawmakers and senior defense officials.

Currently, both parties are getting high marks for looking out for military families. The White House has made veteran employment a high-profile mission. Congress, meanwhile, rejected many of the Pentagon’s cost-saving and revenue-generating proposals that lawmakers feared would hurt military families.  House and Senate authorization bills passed in the last two weeks omitted the Pentagon’s request to increase fees for Tricare, the military’s health plan. Defense department officials argued the raise was overdue since Tricare had not increased fees since 1995. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the most popular civilian defense leader of the last decade, tried to sell the idea as a practical way to offset spending cuts. The Pentagon also considered charging enrollment fees and raising deductibles for working veterans.

Emphasis my own. Funny that, no mention of the President’s own budget proposal.

More “Sacred trust” hard at work: archives of the past two years of “military + budget.” There’s a wealth of bedtime reading.

H/t: Hot Air headlines


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