Apologies UPDATED

The move finally caught up with me. Or the pregnancy did. Or maybe it was the sinus infection. It all culminated in me backing into a car yesterday. And then having to spend a few hours in labor and delivery today. All is fine. Just tired and a little cranky.

UPDATE: after a flurry of tweets tonight it became apparent that I was a little too ambiguous. I can only pray I would deliver in five hours! I went in because I’m sick; they kept me for eons to run more tests because they thought an anomaly was detected in the soon-to-be World’s Youngest Blogger’s heart rate. I still say WYB was peeved to be hooked up to the monitors. So no baby yet. Soon. Too soon for comfort with a cross-country move still in progress!


14 Responses

  1. I didn’t realize you were carrying a little one. God bless and feel better. Here’s a prayer to St. Gianna Beretta for you. May she pray for your delivery.

  2. Praying for a safe and healthy delivery — whenever WYB decides to join us. My son was 2 weeks late, and the size of a 3-month old — so I hope my prayers help.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Aw, thanks for keeping us updated. Take your time getting back to the blog, and be well!

    • But the obsessive compulsive part of me can’t lol. Especially since it took so long to recover from the last pcs. Counting down the days until we have Internet in the house lol. I can read news on the phone, it posting is close to impossible. Hope your move goes smoothly!

  5. Good luck! I’m so exited for you.

    • I am too. I think. So overwhelmed by how much literally has to be done before kid magically pops out. And the insanity the 4 y-o has endured over a month of moving already. Funny how the timing of this hasn’t been the greatest lol.

  6. Congrats!!!!!

  7. Hang in there pjMom! I am not sure when you are due but I hope you can get a bit of rest soon.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better. Prayers on an easy delivery!

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