From the comments, some, um, commentary

It never fails to impress me–the hatred engendered by liberal supporters of abortion for deviant thoughts. How terrible to protect the life of a child, no? From last week’s post on Chinese forced abortion, I received this:

Wait – let me insert the standard conservative response, found all over Yahoo news in the ‘comments’ section: “She knew the rules – it’s her OWN FAULT! Everyone knows the Chinese have a one child policy. She got what she deserved”. There. Typical response noted. Oh – wait – critical thinking skills?? Been forced to abort or bear your rapist’s child? Or your just keen on forcing your religion on others – kinda like the Chinese forcing this woman to have one child. See the correlation? Of course not you Dumb bitch, I mean, fellow citizen.

Mean, ain’t he? And not particularly bright, either. I am conservative, and I have never heard anyone use what he points to as the “standard conservative response” let alone think it myself. Yet somehow I’m lumped into a category he not-so-logically clumps with the ChiComs.

Go figure.

5 Responses

  1. First, remember that the other side hardly knows, much less understands, conservative positions. Second, I get the intellectual defense of choice, even while I don’t agree with it. But I don’t understand how any of them think it is more than a necessary evil. Worst bumper sticker I have ever seen called abortion a “beautiful choice.” Choice, I get. Beautiful? Beautiful?!

    • @AH, true. I appreciated the study that recently found conservatives are better able to mimic liberal arguments whereas liberals have no real clue as to what conservatives think let alone believe. My husband didn’t believe me.
      As far as a “beautiful choice,” I’m at a loss for words as well.

      • I suppose she makes sense from some sort of an anarchist point of view. All rules/laws are bad, all should be broken. It’s not how civil society functions, of course, and it’s not your position. When it comes down to it, you know she wants federal government in everyone’s hair. But she’s not even trying to make a consistent argument, she just thinks that she’s making a point that you are inconsistent.

  2. What a misguided fool. Closest I’ve seen to his alleged conservative response of “X knew the rules” was comment section of an article about zoning laws where a guy was being forced by some bureaucrat to move or destroy his shed/mini barn because it was a foot too close to the property line. From the way that one was written I doubt it was from a conservative.

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