Colorado on fire

Please pray for our friends in our home state of Colorado.  A new fire in Colorado Springs–the town which we as an ever-wandering military family call our home and where we’ll retire in the house we just left–has forced the evacuation of many friends. 2500 acres of Waldo Canyon (a favorite hiking spot over the last decade plus) is ablaze and burning fast in high heat, low humidity, and drought conditions.


You can read more about the fire here.  Michelle Malkin, also a Colorado Springs resident, wrote of the Obama administration policies that have crippled the Forest Service response to Western wildfires earlier this week. Pray for those forced to flee their homes and the myriad firefighters battling dangerous conditions on the ground and from the air.

UPDATE: linked by Pundette as a “Recommended Read.” Thanks!


3 Responses

  1. Will do, PJ. Thx for letting us know what’s going on. Amazing how far reaching are the effects of fed bureaucracy, btw.

  2. That looks horrible. I’ve sent up a prayer. May everyone at least be safe.

    • Thanks, Manny. So far, everyone is, but this is just devastating to the city in so many ways, including economically–summer tourism season is destroyed.

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