Hot and bothered

At least it didn’t hit 103 today. We are sans power, like two million others along the Eastern seaboard after savage storms last night. It’s hot and wow, I’m wicked pregnant.
Hope y’all are having a more pleasant weekend!


7 Responses

  1. I just realized the “like” button is not entirely appropriate here . . . I sure don’t like folks having to go with a/c in 100 degree heat! Hope things go smoothly in the coming days.

  2. Sweetie if you need some AC let me know. You have my email.

  3. Ouch! We had a heatwave (nowhere near 103, but we didn’t have an AC) a few days b/f #1 was born, and I was just so thankful that she waited. Can’t imagine going in labor after a day like that. Hope you are well.

    • I’m starting to think #2 is like #1–she didn’t want to come out, either! We might not have power until Saturday. Praying babe waits a little longer…

  4. God protect your coming child. I’m sending up a request to our Blessed Mother for you and the little one. Be well and hopefully comfortable. It’s been a lousy couple of days in NYC as well.

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