I’ve followed the news of late, but not much has compelled me to post. I’d rather change diapers than comment on Obama et al these days. And the news from my home state of Colorado this weekend saddened me beyond words. So did this heartbreak.

This, however, caught my eye this morning.

Via Bryan Preston, witness change:

It found that 66 percent believe paltry job growth and slow economic recovery is the result of bad policy. Thirty-four percent say Obama is the most to blame, followed by 23 percent who say Congress is the culprit. Twenty percent point the finger at Wall Street, and 18 percent cite former President George W. Bush.

The results highlight the reelection challenge Obama faces amid dissatisfaction with his first-term performance on the economy.

The poll, conducted for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research, found 53 percent of voters say Obama has taken the wrong actions and has slowed the economy down. Forty-two percent said he has taken the right actions to revive the economy, while six percent said they were not sure.


Moving along, also from Mr. Preston who has kept me entertained in late-night nursing sessions, this:
















Heh. Obama owns this economy.



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  1. Hey I think I realized why sometimes my comments wouldn’t go through in the past. I realize now that I was not logged in. What’s strange is that my avatar was still there even when I wasn’t, and that was confusing.

  2. I’d rather change diapers too, though when you look inside a soiled one I’m reminded of the job Obama has been doing. 😛 Bless your child. 🙂

  3. I’d rather change diapers too. Enjoy your little one.

    • Diapers are easy, though I’ve realized boys add a whole new level of fun not yet experienced, lol. Thanks and I am. He is a delightful baby. I laugh that our high – maintenance daughter was such a high – maintenance baby. Personality traits are obviously evident early. Baby is Mr. Mellow, much like his dad. (I admit to being high-stung but not high-maintenance!! My husband would likely disagree and point to coffee preferences alone lol.)

      • I think we used another diaper as a shield when Ivan was little.
        We had very similar experience. Yelena inherited my Mediterranean temperament, and Ivan is more of a mellow Easter European type, like daddy. When I tell Russians about the “Mediterranean temperament” they all smile and nod. Americans are a bit uncomfortable.

      • LOL. I hail from Mediterranean immigrants. Husband from Baltic immigrants. And yes, I get the temper(ment!) From that side of my family.

      • (And even when I use a shield, little guy manages to escape and evade detection, thus wetting the back of his shirt or gown. )

  4. Hey pjMom! I hope you and baby are doing great. Your post reminded me so much of my life right now. I am all caught up on blog reading, news and entertainment because I spend so much time sitting these days. 🙂 I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics over the next weeks for a nice change of pace.

    • Yours arrived on my due date! Congratulations, and I pray everything is going smoothly with you both. We are peachy. PjBaby SLEEPS, something pjKid never did. Amazing how much faster recovery goes when the body is able to rest! He is a nursing champ, too, and gaining weight at a remarkable pace. Again, something pjKid didn’t do (I nursed her through toddlerhood, bit she’s tiny for her age). Hope your boys are settling in nicely!

      • (and I’m looking forward to the Olympics, too. Since we restrict pkKid’s tv so much, it will be a nice change especially since my mom leaves this weekend. I’m not quite ready for full reality yet!)

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