Well, he can’t discuss his record. So let’s talk … beer!

“Four more beers!” they cry.

Details of the White House home brew piqued my husband’s interest last night. “Why is this even a story?” he asked.

Because they can’t discuss his record. Shaggy dog (on the roof) stories ensue instead.

The details, however, are interesting:

 President Barack Obama has stocked up on a new all-American campaign prop — White House-brewed beer.

During his bus tour across the battleground state of Iowa, the president on Tuesday gave a bottle of the brew, known as White House Honey Ale, to a patron of a Knoxville, Iowa, coffee shop when the subject of beer came up.

While it was the first time the branded beer grabbed wide attention from the press corps on the campaign trail, a White House official said the president and first lady have made a habit of occasionally traveling with bottles of the beer made at a small brewery at the White House.

The beer, which comes in both a light and dark variety, is made by the White House chefs who use traditional beer-brewing methods

The honey portion of the drink is taken from first lady Michelle Obama’s garden beehive near the White House Kitchen Garden on the south lawn.

Taxpayers are not footing the bill for the beer, as both the cost of the equipment and the cost of brewing the beer is paid for by the Obamas personally, the official said.

Emphasis mine. All-American. President giving beer. Made by White House chefs. Tradition. Honey from Michelle’s garden. How lovely. And they’re footing their own bill for a change. (How odd).

What’s the kicker? Oh just wait for the conclusion:

“It’s true, at the State Fair, instead of saying ‘four more years,’ they were saying, ‘four more beers.’ So I bought him four more beers. Told him he had to register to vote, though, to get one of the beers,” Obama told a laughing crowd.

Isn’t that illegal? I digress:

Connecting with the beer drinkers’ vote is a tactic not used by Obama’s Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, a Mormon who does not drink alcohol.

This is why the Obamas are making such a big deal of the home brew. This is why they’re travelling with bottles of beer: to make a rather subversive point about Romney’s Mormonism. They could do it with coffee. Or soda. But beer is the most effective way to show how “out of touch” he is while they follow the “traditional All-American home brewing” methods.

I’m not fooled. But how many would be? What’s next, a reporter pointing out that Romney wouldn’t hold a beer summit (thank God)? Or the usual test pre-election, “With whom would you rather sit and have a beer?” would have to be hypothetical since, you know, Romney doesn’t drink. How far will the media carry this? Maybe not as far as previously thought.

Cross-posted at Pundit & Pundette.

4 Responses

  1. “made by the White House chefs who use traditional beer-brewing methods.”

    Now we know why he said “you didn’t build that”. He had the staff (paid by the taxpayer do the work for him. It sounds as if they either did it while working or did it themselves and he took credit for it.

    Michelle’s garden? I bet that the only time she goes there is for a photo op. It is the White House gardeners (paid by the taxpayers) who do the actual work.

  2. Sorry, the headline to your post (in the email I received, anyway) said: “FOUR MORE BEERS! Prezzy Can’t Run On His Record, So Let’s Talk Beer.”

    I mistakenly assumed that it came from you.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the read. Clever writing!

  3. With no disrespect toward the one who came up with it on C-to-C, but the use of “prezzy” when referring to the jerk-in-chief bugs the heck outta me. It sounds like a nonabrasive pet name. I find it devoid of meaning and have never seen it used except here. Am I missing something? Is it a cool acronym? Please tell me it is something derogatory.

    • Where did I use “Prezzy”? Just read this post twice, but I’m tired, so I might be missing something ; ) I would assume it’s just slang for “Prez” but I don’t recall ever using it myself.

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