Romney’s First 100 Days: From your lips to God’s ears, NYT

Funny, isn’t it, that what liberals fear, I would applaud? From the NYT, a rally to the lefty troops entitled “Romney’s First 100 Days.”  Feel the fear:

If they win the White House, Republicans are also more likely than not to hold on to the House of Representatives and win a narrow majority in the Senate. The party could then embark on the kind of aggressive legislative push that President Obama and the Democrats did in 2009.

Only four years after Democrats seemed on the verge of historic policy gains, Republicans could reverse many of those gains and then some. They could cut the top tax rate to its lowest level in 80 years (as Mr. Romney proposes) and make major changes to federal programs.

Above all, a sweep of Washington could make possible the sort of change Republicans have been talking about for three decades without having yet done: a significant shrinking of government. Ronald Reagan cut domestic programs somewhat but expanded the military, while George W. Bush talked about small government but actually made it bigger. Next year, though, really could be different.

Please, please! Please make it so, that we could have fiscal conservatives who don’t just say conservative things, but … DO them!

Even if Mr. Romney is not the obvious vehicle for the Tea Party revolution, his campaign and his selection of Mr. Ryan for vice president suggest he is game. “His choice of Ryan,” says Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist, “answers any questions about whether he is for dramatically reducing the cost of government.” Congressional Republicans may force the issue anyway, arguing that their victories demand wholesale change.

“We’re having a real debate about the size and scope of government,” says Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who is overseeing the Republicans’ Senate campaigns. “If Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan win, as I expect they will, they can justly claim a mandate, and I think it will make it much easier to do the hard things we all know need to be done.”

Already, Republicans are starting to think ahead, as is only natural. A Romney transition team, known as “The Readiness Project,” has begun meeting. In 2008, similarly, Obama aides began discussing whether health care or climate policy should be the top priority, a hugely consequential decision.

Yeah, hugely consequential. We had sub-$2 /gal gasoline when Obama took office. I saw it over $4.50 this weekend in DC. Change!

Read the rest. And dream big.



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  1. I’m dreaming and I can’t wait. This country needs some big changes. Though I never believed (and still don’t) that Romney is the real Conservative, I do have confidence he can change the economic problems we have been facing. His experience makes him the perfect person for the job. Truly Obama has become a national curse.

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