The Vagina Vote and Other Thoughts

Pardon my absence. In all honesty, I’ve retreated from the news because I can’t stand it right now. It’s pathetic, and I can’t wait for the election to be over.

(Can I leave the country for a month? I vote by absentee ballot anyway).

I’m not the only one. This cross-country move was the hardest we’ve faced. I feel like I’ve earned a little nesting time with my family, cooking, sewing, finding donations for my church sale and boxing already outgrown newborn clothes (far too soon!) for the crisis pregnancy center. Making matching skirts for my daughter and her baby doll. Cuddling my son. Avoiding the reality of the culture outside.

This from Althouse intrigues me. In a nutshell: a mom writes advice columnist to bemoan her daughter’s attitude. Said daughter lays the guilt on thick because she hates her state school and wanted to go private. Mom and dad foot the bill to the tune of $26,000 a year.

How entitled, no? To bitch about your paid college education because it wasn’t the one you wanted.

If you wanted something badly enough, you would work to make it happen, no?

But the entitlement mentality persists. We have the Sandra Flukes of the world, shelling out 50k a year for law school at Georgetown who can’t hop over to Target for a $9 prescription. Someone else should pay for what I want, not me. Keep the government out of my vagina they cry in one breath, but shill Uncle Sugar for the pill in the next so they can all do with their hootchies what they will. Keep out of my interests until I want something for free and not see the irony in the request. It depresses the hell out of me.

Pardon my French tonight.


7 Responses

  1. Good to see you’re getting settled. Moving is never fun.

    Also, the spoiled brat entitlement mentality is killing this country. Other than that, it’s awesome.

  2. I know how you feel. And I was wondering about you. But it’s not over yet. Obama has not won it. The polls will be proven wrong. At most Obama has a two point lead. Jimmy Carter had a lead until the last week or so. The economy is getting worse, not better. I still think Obama will lose. Don’t give up yet.

    • Oh, Manny, I know it’s not over i.e. “over” for Romney. I just wish it were all OVER. lol. Done. Finis. I can’t take watching/reading/hearing it daily. I am so disgusted with so many people, including some close to me, that I find it difficult to escape. How do you cope with losing all respect for someone as a result of their vacuous choice when those choices mean as much as they do? Or when Catholic friends are duped by the war on women BS? It’s beyond aggrivating.

      • The catholic vote is the most disturbing to me. I just can’t understand it and it’s disheartening. I know how you feel. Luckily I live in an uncontested state so I don’t see the political advertising. Right now I’m avaoiding all contact with Democrats, especially Liberals.

      • Agreed, Manny. It is disheartening to know Catholics who think they can vote for a democrat and not be complicit in the evil that is abortion. Just because you won’t have one doesn’t mean it should be available for anyone else, either…

  3. I’m just glad to hear from you! We are starting to settle in here. There is loads of homeschool groups and opportunities in this area of Tampa, so that’s pretty rockin. But this is the first time in 3 years that we’ve lived off base, and it’s so much harder to get connected to the civilian community. Fellow mil spouse neighbors in base housing are always “instant friends,” you know? I miss that, and I miss kids outside playing and running amok. Maybe some will come out when the weather cools. IF the weather ever cools, ha.

    Thanks for linkies. I am thinking about a more cheerful post now. Cheers!

    • We’ve never lived on post, Lin. But we’re from such a tight-knit community within our little world that … it’s hard here. I really forgot what it’s like to feel like a “transient” and have people label you as such. Especially with hub’s work hours and not ever even seeing where he works lol. Far cry from hopping down my mountain to have lunch with him at the DFAC or dropping into his office.

      I’m SO glad you’ve found a thriving homeschool community. That’s my one big bennie this year: that preschools are so uber competitive here that I couldn’t enroll pjKid, heh, thereby winning my homeschool argument for another year by default. Though it puts us in a weird position for next year as she’s 4 and reading fluently beyond what they teach 1st graders. It’s all come together so beautifully (her reading). Just started in a spurt in early April and likearush she’s tackling so much. Such fun!

      We finally got our weather break two weeks ago, thank God! And it’s nice to be able to play outside after the miserable summer we’ve had. Ready for snow. ; )

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