“Trickle-down government”

Romney so aptly described Obama’s approach while doing so with humor, grace, and wit.

Obama looked befuddled that someone would dare challenge him–with facts, no less. He should have just taken Michelle out to a fancy dinner with all the trappings of his office, you know the drill, the free flight, stopping traffic, free limo service. Because he certainly isn’t up to the rigors of his office.

He seemed caught flat-footed with Romney’s assertion that he’s already been President four years. Obama never has to defend his record since the press does it for him, but even Jim Lehrer’s promptings (he couldn’t help himself, twice!) couldn’t save Obama from the sinking economic wreckage of his own creation.

I loved this bit. Via George Neumayr:

Romney laid down a good test for the existence of federal government programs: Is it so critical that we need to borrow money from China to pay for it? And he didn’t pander to Jim Lehrer while using this test: Romney told him that he would zero out “PBS” for that reason.

No, and Romney correctly framed the argument as a moral one.

And look, swing voters were swung.




3 Responses

  1. I have an all together different theory of the President’s apparent befuddlement.

    You see, Obama and his sycophants truly believe the path the country is on is the best way to achieve the “fundamental change” of America the President has so hopefully desired.

    So his befuddlement is not because he doesn’t know how to respond to Romney’s charges, Rather, Obama is caught off guard because he thinks he’s been doing a good job. It’s like he’s saying to himself, “Wait, Romney just said that when I took office there were 37 million people on food stamps, and now there’s 42 million. That’s a good thing, but it sounds like Romney is saying it like it’s a bad thing, hmmm”

    That’s why Obama looked so confused. He’s trying to figure out why Romney’s charges are negatives.

  2. It was a magnificent performance by Romney. That was probably the best single debate performance in the history of presidential debates. That was the Romney i saw a year ago that I could see beating Obama. Let’s hope it continues.

  3. Yes, our peevish president got Mitt-slapped on national TV last night…

    “Trickle-down government” is destined to be a classic line. A bureaucrat in every house, car, boat, school, factory, office, restaurant, supermarket, and playground! Obama would regulate freedom out of existence if he could, and he just might if he g…

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