Naptime thoughts


Spotted today in the Target lot in Falls Church

Forgive the absence. Chalk half up to a newborn in the house along with the home schooler, and the other half to needing mental quiet. I find the current news cycle on the eve of this election both unnerving and exhausting. I have let my passions get the best of me in fights with dear friends suckered into voting with their lady parts. I crave the quiet.

That said, I find myself awed by the number of Romney signs on my street inside the beltway. To be fair, an equal number of Obama signs dot lawns littered with falling leaves and pumpkins. An equal number? I take delight in each one. I picked up two  this week in Arlington at the Romney Virginia HQ. Staffers gave pjKid a sticker which she then wore proudly to Trader Joe’s. In Clarendon. The epicenter for Obama voters, no? A lady stopped us. I was sure she was going to call child protective services or throw tomatoes. She high-fived the kid.  Could this really be happening?


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  1. Oh don’t sweat it. Motherhood is way more important. By the way, have you seen my blog on Obama as pimp? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any lower, it does.

    • Manny, agreed. And does it surprise you,m Obama as pimp? When you encourage the vagina vote, then you;ve got to start young!

      • Yeah, he’s a pig. I have no respect for him. When first elected, despite our political differences, I did at least respect him. It has certainly been a process of deterioration. Now I have none. If there is any justice in this world he will lose on Nov 6th. I’m still nervous about that. I refuse to count any chickens before they’re hatched.

  2. Hey there miss lady! thanks for the update. I know what you mean about it all being exhausting. Nov 7th can’t come soon enough. There are a lot of Romney bumper stickers on the road–more than Obama, I would wager. But there are hardly any yard signs in my neighborhood. At least a couple neighbors confided in me they don’t want to make themselves targets for anyone upset at the results.

    Cheers my friend

    • Hi Lin! I was wary here until I saw so many others. I figured I’d be the only one and would be sporting slashed tires soon! But no problems yet. Though I didn’t think about post-election retribution…

  3. I’m not sure what the yard signs are supposed to mean. I suspect it might be gosh to display anything that has to do with national campaigns.
    Enjoy your little ones.

    • I’m stunned that there are any Romney signs on display here, let alone a good number.
      And I am. Baby is amazing. We are all smitten, most of all big sis. ; )

  4. I think a Mitt win is very possible. Just try not to let negativity get you down. The Democrats are gonna hate no matter what, so just disregard their nonsense. Let them be the ones consumed by crappy soul-sucking emotions.

    • I’m not King, but the vagina vote thing really threw me for a loop. And agreed re the haters, though the irony of the reality amuses me (that leftists are the ones spewing the most vitriol, but they’re too blind to their own hatred of the right to notice).

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