“That sound you hear is of spreading panic among Democrats”

So explains Peter Wehner of Obama’s new limbo rock: how low can you go?

According to Gallup, 39 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance while 54 percent disapprove. Both data points are the worst numbers of his presidency. Philip Klein points out that no president since Harry Truman​ as been re-elected with approval ratings this low, this late into his first term. And no president since Franklin Roosevelt​ has been re-elected with unemployment this high.

Music to my ears, regardless. Take the following headline the Monday following Michele Bachmann’s win at the Ames straw poll as more evidence of mass liberal panic: Tea Party’s heyday may be coming to a end, say political experts.

Heh. That’s right. The Tea Party heyday must be coming to an end since the only two RINOs Romney and Huntsman cleaned the floor… oh. Wait. Gears spinning wildly over at the Hill.

Update: Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

It seems like I’ve been hearing about the pending implosion and disappearance of the Tea Party ever since… well, roughly ten minutes after I’d heard of the Tea Party. And yet for progressive activists, the movement continues to stubbornly hang around like that zit you don’t want to pop two days before the prom because you’re just sure it’s going to go away on its own. (And inevitably you wind up with the worst yearbook photo ever.)

Fortunately for Democrats, our balanced, dual nature society has produced an equally effective and opposite counter-movement in the form of the Coffee Party. Right guys?


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“Steadfast and Loyal” various and sundry

Wow. I have an insanely busy day and cannot check the news–now I can’t catch up.

The House double dog dared Obama. Heh.

Steadfast and Loyal,” Allen West didn’t put up with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s attempts at shaming him for his vote to “increase Medicare costs” on all those Florida seniors he represents. Read his scathing email response. I promise it will make your day. The Other McCain comments:

Re-elect Allen West because it’s about time somebody told the truth about Democrats!

Indeed. McCain has video of Wasserman-Schultz’s decorum violation and points to this column in which West remarks:

I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.

HEH. You and me both, sir.

Steady yourselves: Rick Perry is ready to run. Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro lauds Perry’s Christianity as “good for America,” thereby causing enraged liberals everywhere to explode. 

Bachmann’s campaign implodes? I don’t want to see this as I like her too much.


There’s nothing left to say after bumping around in SoCal on terribly patched freeways paid for with some of the highest taxes in the nation. But the unions still get their dues and illegals all have free healthcare or something, so who cares that the endless stretches of bumpy highway remind me of recovering socialist countries in Europe in the 80s. Dude.

Dude: Bachmann overtakes Romney in Iowa polling. No wonder T-Paw’s gettin’ nasty, eh?

Dude: Sarah Palin says she can win. But she’s not the “only” one who can.

Dude: Go hit Stacy’s tip jar. He needs it.

Dude: Boehner actually does have cojones. Hope he keeps ’em.

Dude: the government intentionally sold guns to Mexican drug lords and criminals to further the claim that our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is the “real problem” on the border. Using stimulus funds.

Dude: Obama owns the War in Afghanistan. How surprising our friends in the mainstream media haven’t reminded us of the fact daily, no?

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Media furiously searches for 23 needles in a haystack

Alternate headline: Remember when they were afraid of Sarah, part II. A continuing series I’m sure.

Via Allahpundit, a fresh lather whipped up at HuffPo: Michele Bachmann’s History As A Foster Parent Remains Murky. A taste of the liberal froth:

In the last three months, at least 100 news stories have mentioned Bachmann’s claim that she raised 23 foster children. But the GOP presidential hopeful has provided few details about her time as a foster mom; in fact, very little has actually been reported about that period in her life. Former Bachmann neighbors and church members, according to a recent New York Times story, recalled few sightings of those foster kids.

Actual details remain murky, and reports and accounts contradict her public statements. Bachmann has repeatedly said she took in a total of 23 foster children. But a 2001 story in The Minnesota Lawyer put the number of children at 20. A recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune quotes Bachmann as saying she raised as many as four foster children at one time. But Minnesota officials say she was only contracted to house three at a time.

And according to the head of the private company that licensed her as a foster parent, Bachmann never even hit that limit. “I would say there weren’t any more than two kids at a time,” said George Hendrickson, the CEO of the Professional Association of Treatment Homes (PATH).

Because Bachmann went through PATH, she did not work with state agencies at all. The Minnesota Department of Human Services says that Bachmann was licensed on Aug. 7, 1992. According to Hendrickson, the last foster child was placed in her home in 1998. The license was closed out in 2000, Hendrickson said.

Any records documenting foster placements have since been destroyed; records are kept for seven years before they are thrown out.

Dammit! No records! Must. Find. One. Of. Those. Kids. Stat!

They’re having such a difficult time kookifying Michele a la Sarah. They must destroy her any way they can. It’s for the children.

Alec Baldwin speaks truth to power

Via Fox Nation, Alec Baldwin on twitter:

Fear Bachman bc she is raising so much money. Anyone that inarticulate and full of *&$#% who is raising money that fast..

See the Tweet here(warning foul language)

..is beholden to some mighty thuggish interests

Funny he should say that given Obama’s fundraising prowess among unions, the dead, illegal overseas donors and cartoon characters. Not to mention “inarticulate and full of *&$#” moments off ‘promter.

Shake it, Michelle. Liberals will foam and froth. Dismiss it rather than complain, and let the loons make fools of themselves in the process once the One starts speaking off ‘promter. 57 states, anyone?

Earlier this week: Remember when they were afraid of Sarah?

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Remember when they were afraid of Sarah?

This is entertaining. Meet William Browning, who sees Michele Bachmann as DOOMING the GOP:

William Browning is a research librarian specializing in U.S. politics. Born in St. Louis, Browning is active in local politics and served as a campaign volunteer for President Barack Obama and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

At least we know which side of the bread he butters, no?

Browning sees Michele as SO DANGEROUS for GOP voters:

No matter how well Bachmann does in Iowa it will not work out well for Republicans against President Barack Obama in the general election.

Iowa can be a place where candidates get momentum going into the main primary season. Yet in 2008, Mike Huckabee won almost three times the support of Sen. John McCain and then faltered. Bachmann may do well near her home state, but New Hampshire will be a different story.

It’s not her fault, really. Bachmann is simply being herself. She’s controversial, wants to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency to produce more jobs and often dodges questions by the mainstream media. Fiscal conservatives love her hard-nosed nature but mainstream voters with more intelligence will see through her attitude. What comes across as being rough and antagonistic against the current administration is simply a mask of someone who doesn’t want to deal with real issues.

Getting rid of an entire government agency doesn’t solve anything. If 2008 is any indication, neither will winning the Iowa caucus. Bachmann needs to enjoy her time in the spotlight now because it will fade after Iowa’s results.

At worst, Bachmann’s presence will split the GOP. If, by some miracle, she does well enough after Iowa but can’t defeat Romney, then she may decide to run as a third-party candidate. In that scenario, the GOP pledge to keep Obama a one-term president will fail when Bachmann takes votes away from mainstream Republicans.

Should Bachmann become the GOP’s choice for president, her lack of true policy experience will lead to a steamroll victory by Obama in November.

Hey, William: unless you’re renouncing your last Obama vote and campaign work, wouldn’t you want the GOP candidate you thought ol’ Barack would steamroll? Funny, that. You wouldn’t warn Republicans of the dangerous femme fatale who would lose the general election. You’d say, bring on the biggest loser! Easy peasy election!

Unless, of course, you were deathly afraid and your bony liberal knees were shaking in your perfectly creased pant leg that that smart, savvy woman could whip your man Barack.

Just sayin’.

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Gaffes, huh?

Amusement from the NYT re Michele Bachmann’s forays into primary politics:

Ms. Bachmann would have substantial obstacles to overcome. She has already made some high-profile gaffes — including declaring late last month that the opening shots of the Revolutionary War took place in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts — that raise questions about her preparation for the scrutiny of a national campaign.

Pardon me while I snort my coffee. Really, that someone could write this with a straight face after this:

Luckily, he didn’t receive much scrutiny for a national campaign. (Oh, forgot: the (D) after one’s name precludes any serious scrutiny).

Doug Powers says the media might consider vetting Obama this year. This would’ve been a grand April Fools’. I’m betting no.

Pundette has the scoop on Mr. Gaffe-tastic gearing up the ol’ campaign. What an ad! The enthusiasm underwhelms.

And finally, speaking of Bachmann, here’s this month’s Hot Air primary poll. I toggled my button for Bachmann. At this point, with Christie out and too many RINOs in, Bachmann gets my vote. Pawlenty leaves me cold. I’m trying, really. But… meh. What say you?