Ronnie and Nancy


The Reagan Library: A desperately needed cleansing of Obama rot from the soul.

I wasn’t able to spend the time I would have liked–what parent of a small child is?–but I had goosebumps as I walked through the museum. Tears stung my eyes more than once as I relived flashes of my childhood, of my beloved childhood president.

He was a good and just man.

He knew our best days were not behind us.

He believed in our country.

And after an afternoon with Ronnie and Nancy, I do too again.

We will overcome our current commander-in-chief just as we did in 1980.

It still is morning in America.


483 posts later

Happy New Year and Happy Blogoversary!

Thank you to my darling husband who convinced me to start this pet project. I’m not sure he knew it would mean he would retire to bed alone most nights while I pore over news.  I could not do this sans your love and support.  And to my folks, who made me defend my opinions from the start.  (It’s always neat to realize your parents read your blog).  To my daughter, this is for you.  Thanks for being a champion napper most days. (The should-have-been blog name!)

A big thank you to Pundette who provided encouragement–of the blogging, nursing, Catholic mom varieties–from the very start.  You are a gem.  

I still find myself awed to group blog with such an amazing group of ladies at the Potluck.  Thank you to all for the thought-provoking discussion, support, encouragement, traffic and comments.  A special shout-out to Fuzislippers and Quite Rightly.

Another thanks to my partner-in-crime, Teaching my Two, who adds another perspective, humor and grace.

Mercy Buckets to fellow southerner The Other McCain for the occasional FMJRAs, the “goodnight kisses” McCain-alanche (oh, 27 days into blogging. Heady stuff!) and the tweet repartee.  Ditto that for Wyblog, Green Mountains Homesteading, the Daily Gator, Zilla and Mind-Numbed Robot.  A special thanks to Legal Insurrection for making me the “blog of the day” a few weeks back rescuing me from a certain case of blogger mood disorder!

Last but not least, thank you to my readers and regular commenters–you know who you are. 

(And if you’re one of those who came here by your incredibly sick google search terms, stick around a while.  It might be good for ya!)