What a contrast

I meant to write of Paul Ryan’s fabulousness last night at the convention, but the-infant-is-napping clock ticks while I have laundry to fold and dinner to make. I’ll leave you with Pundette’s impression, which is very similar to my own.

Instead, I’ll tell you about my drive on post this morning to visit the pediatrician.

Every time I visit the doctor, take the kids to theirs, or go grocery shopping, I pass this:


More often than not, I also pass this:

Then I have to explain my tears to the four year-old. It never fails to bring the tears, either, and the subsequent silent prayer for the family of the fallen. It was an Army family today, by the uniforms. A Navy family last week.

That’s why reading this headline burns me beyond belief:

Obama Honors Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed by Electric Pen

There are no words sufficient for my contempt. I have friends who fall for the Michelle does so much for military families ruse, and I try to bite my tongue.

In case anyone wonders, GW spent hours writing personal notes to the families of the fallen. Over 4,000 letters:

Mr. Bush, for instance, has sent personal letters to the families of every one of the more than 4,000 troops who have died in the two wars, an enormous personal effort that consumed hours of his time and escaped public notice. The task, along with meeting family members of troops killed in action, has been so wrenching – balancing the anger, grief and pride of families coping with the loss symbolized by a flag-draped coffin – that the president often leaned on his wife, Laura, for emotional support.

“I lean on the Almighty and Laura,” Mr. Bush said in the interview. “She has been very reassuring, very calming.”

Mr. Bush also has met privately with more than 500 families of troops killed in action and with more than 950 wounded veterans, according to White House spokesman Carlton Carroll. Many of those meetings were outside the presence of the news media at the White House or at private sessions during official travel stops, officials said.

The first lady said those private visits, many of which she also attended, took a heavy emotional toll, not just on the president, but on her as well.

I was incredibly upbeat this morning after Ryan’s speech. We can win this, I thought. He represents the future. Now all I can see is red, and that caisson pulling a casket, knowing that the Commander-in-Chief could give a shit less about this family or any other military family. Form letter. Campaign on! Sign it with an auto pen.

Defeat this man. Restore the honor and integrity to the office. To the nation.

UPDATE: NB: I know my husband will be incredibly disappointed that I’m using foul language–a first–on the blog. But after much thought, it stands as it properly reflects the attitude of the CIC and his disdain for our finest and their collective sacrifice, two things he knows nothing of. There, ended a sentance with a preposition, too, so everyone should know how peeved I am!

UPDATE 2: Wow, the family of a dead rapper gets a personally written condolence from Obama. Must be that major contribution to … culture. Defense of one’s country, not so much.



The number of points by which Rick Perry now leads Mitt Romney in the latest Rasmussen poll.


(Doing a jig).

Does anyone think Paul Ryan will really throw his hat in now?

Birtherpalooza PLUS It happened! I agreed with something the President said!

Ohmygoodness, it must be a signal of the end.

After releasing his “cannot be attained” because “the state never releases it” birth certificate, Obama called The Donald a “carnival barker.”  Heh. I wish it would drive the Democrat donor back to his weird reality series and out of any discussion of running for the GOP nomination.

Ed Morrissey:

Whatever credibility Trump had just dissipated this morning. He won in the same sense that Charlie Sheen is #winning! by getting canned and then embarrassing himself on a national tour.

Exactly. Let Obama embrace “winning” a la Sheen after he’s kicked out of office rather than vote for a combover boob who makes a mockery of common sense.

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Funny: Obama’s long form certificate has its own twitter account! Jim Hoft recognizes the legitimacy:

In case you were wondering… The ObamaLongFormBC is following Bill Ayers, TelePrompter Obama, Communist Party USA and Malcolm X.
It must be legit.

Bonus: Ryan mumurings? Ryan-Bachmann. Ryan-Rubio. Ryan-make-my-conservative-heart-flutter. A plus: seniors are on board the Ryan plan.

“Also, the mere thought of Ryan debating Joe Biden warms the cockles of even the grumpiest conservative’s heart”

So argues Jonah Goldberg on the idea of Paul Ryan as the VP on the ’12 ticket in the wake of the Path to Prosperity rollout.  Like others in the comments, I wish Ryan would run for top o’ the ticket. But I agree with Goldberg’s assessment that Ryan has too much work to do to run for President (unlike, ahem, our own absent CIC).

A likely debate exchange:

Biden: “Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare as we know it!”

Ryan: “That’s right, Joe. That’s because it’s going bankrupt.”

Biden: “Dish towels don’t taste lemony when you stand on one foot, and you can take that to the bank!”

Ryan: “I have no response to that.”

Biden: “Hah! I win again, kid.”

Heh. Bring it.

So what say you? Bachmann/Ryan? Rubio/Ryan? Bolton/Ryan? Petraeus/Ryan (dare to dream, eh?)

“It’s official. I must now hate the Paul Ryan budget. David Brooks is in love with it”

Heh. So opines Erik Erikson on twitter of Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” He’s joking, of course, after hailing it as a solid road forward, albeit one with a few bumps.

A fascinating tidbit re the video from Ed Morrissey:

Graphs and charts are good, but usually a little dry. Ryan makes them come alive in this video, as much as possible at least, and tells a story to which most people can relate. The presentation would have included a look at economic growth for the next 40 years, but the computer models kept choking on the conditions caused by out-of-control spending and entitlements, and couldn’t project past 2037.

Emphasis mine. A computer couldn’t compute the insanity of Obamanomics. Fitting, eh? And how much does it help here that the face of the GOP Hail Mary pass is young, good looking and sincere?

Predictably, lefties are already crying foul. As Erikson explains, Ryan’s path cuts Obama’s proposed budget:

Let me first say the number you are going to hear batted about today is that Paul Ryan’s budget cuts $6.2 trillion. Please keep in mind that following that number is this language: “from the president’s budget over the next 10 years.” That is different from actually cutting $6.2 trillion. These are cuts placed in juxtaposition to the President’s proposed cuts. We will find out later today what the real cuts are.

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