Campaign to reelect Obama underway: Swing state Missouri Governor vetoes voter ID requirement

Pardon me, Governor Jay Nixon, but your liberal slip is showing.

Nixon vetoed a measure passed by the Missouri legislature requiring voters to provide ID at the polls.

“This [photo ID] mandate would disproportionately impact senior citizens and persons with disabilities, among others, who are qualified to vote and have been lawfully voting since becoming eligible to do so, but are less likely to have a driver’s license or government-issued photo ID,” Nixon said in a letter explaining his veto. “Disenfranchising certain classes of persons is not acceptable.”

The bill included a mandate that the state cover the cost of obtaining a photo ID for those who are unable to do so. In addition, it exempted several groups that could have problems getting a photo ID, including anyone born before 1941 or someone with a sincerely held religious belief against obtaining these forms of identification. Those individuals would be allowed to cast a provisional ballot that would be counted only after an election official verifies their identity by comparing their signature with a signature on file.

Not included in the provisions were illegal alien voters, dead people, felons in jail or Mickey Mouse. And liberals can’t exclude their favorite voting demographics!

He and other Democrats know Obama’s reelection (and their own political futures) are at risk:

Nixon joins with Democratic governors Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Mark Dayton of Minnesota who vetoed photo ID bills passed earlier this year in those states.

What a sham:

In Missouri, voters are already required to provide some form of ID before casting a ballot, but the list includes some without a photo, such as a utility bill, bank statement or paycheck.

All of which can be passed out by ACORN workers to “voters” in need.

A 2009 study by the secretary of state’s office estimated around 230,000 Missourians are registered to vote but lack a government-issued photo ID. A 2007 study by Washington University found that among blacks, the young and low-income residents — historically among the most loyal Democratic voters — about 80 percent of registered voters had access to a government-issued photo ID. This compares to around 90 percent of whites, middle class and middle-aged voters.

A coalition of groups — including the NAACP, AARP, League of Women Voters and ACLU — had called for Nixon to veto photo ID legislation.

Ah, no Democrat can justify “disenfranchising” his core constituents, right? The NAACP et al must have argued that the free government ID provided by the bill would  have somehow debased those poor voters who didn’t yet have one. Can’t have that. The bill addressed real needs, while liberals spew this garbage:

Claims that a voter ID law is needed to stave off voter fraud are ridiculous, critics argued, since there have been no instances of the type of voter fraud this bill aimed to prevent ever occurring in Missouri.

None proven. Here in Colorado, over 12,000 illegals are registered to vote. 5,000 voted in the midterm. The Senate race was decided by a razor-thin margin.

Liberals around the country know what’s at stake in ’12. So do we.