Explaining the inexplicable

I’m a Victor Davis Hanson fan.  He is grounded in history like none other and a thoughtful writer.  Today’s column spurred my frenzy in finally creating this blog.  Unfortunately, “humpty-dumpty view of the world” was already taken as a domain name. ; )

He writes:

What might explain the inexplicable like the following?

A president comes into office facing a $500 billion deficit and grows it to $2 trillion.

A president comes into office facing a threat of radical Islamic terrorism, and at home changes the very name of the struggle from war on terror to a variety of wishy-washy euphemisms.

A president comes into office facing a variety of Middle East thugs, from al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas to Syria and Iran, and employs the ancient kowtow, the postmodern apology, and the Carteresque reach-out to allay the threat?

A president comes into office after record high energy prices have nearly crippled the American economy, and he ignores new drilling and brushes off nuclear power — only to wax about wind and solar that provide less than 5% of our energy needs, and crushing cap and trade taxation to come.

He explains that our illustrious leader has had a difficult time reconciling candidate-self with President-self.  Leading is tough work, especially if you’ve never done it before.   Read the rest: