Lynda Williams “pulled the baby’s arm and the baby pulled back”

As Pundette summarizes “And then Lynda Williams cut the baby’s spinal cord.” Just a routine abortion at the Gosnell clinic. Nothing of note. See Pundette for the rest.

If the media were honest, Kermit Gosnell would be compared to Mengele, his minions like Lynda Williams to other Nazis who were able to partake in the horrific crimes against humanity because they had seen so much blood they had become desensitized.

But the media isn’t honest about what happened at Gosnell’s clinic in the name of “choice.” Because what happens in an abattoir abortion clinic stays in an abortion clinic, especially when run for profit. Don’t forget Gosnell made millions off what he did, even if he kept trophy baby feet of the infants he killed in waste containers tossed in a rat infested basement.

If the media were honest about what happened in Gosnell’s clinic, more people would see the reality of abortion rather than “products of conception” and other fuzzy liberal euphemisms  used to conceal the horror of snipping the spinal cords of viable babies born alive in the third trimester. But it’s legal to kill our progeny as long as they’re completely defenseless, so in our national shame we cower to the “rights” deemed appropriate to women who want to butcher their young.

I’ve been absent largely because of my expanded young family.  New baby slept, and then he didn’t. We still need food and clean laundry. And we’ve all been sick, etc. But in large part I’ve lost heart after a blowout of a fight over abortion after one of my best and dearest friends announced she, too, was votin’ with her vajay-jay or some such last fall.

It wouldn’t have mattered as much, I guess, if she weren’t Catholic, or if she weren’t the Godmother to my oldest. But she is. And to hear someone I held dear announce she was siding with the Sandra Flukes of the world devastated me. I know other people who believe in abortion rights. But her public proclamation of her deepest vagina thoughts which were threatened by evil Republicans who would take away her vaginal rights to kill her own tore at my soul. How could someone whose judgement I once trusted now rationalize such evil?  I guess that’s the power of media, of reading HuffPo, of watching Jon Stewart. It all chips away at the truth slowly. She claimed another friend had a problem pregnancy and would have been prevented live-saving medical treatment if those eeeevil Republicans were in power. But what she described–a molar pregnancy–isn’t a pregnancy at all, despite blood tests to the contrary. No one would prevent a D&C in such cases because there was no pregnancy. She was not convinced. And I remain heartbroken.

If the media were honest, every newspaper would headline Gosnell daily. So that people like my friend could see the reality of “choice.” But that’s why the media cowers in fear from Gosnell and his clinic: hearts and minds would change when confronted with big, viable babies “snipped” and thrown out like trash, their feet chopped off as macabre trophies for a demented man who made millions as a legal abortionist.

H/t to No One of Any Import for the nudge. Thanks.

Gosnell is our Mengele, and he, too, operated legally. Oremus. When people hear–if they ever do even with partial media coverage–of viable babies “snipped” or butchered in toilets, of his trophies kept in freezers, or in cat food jars, then maybe wecan have a serious discussion about what abortion really is. “Products of conception” is just a fuzzy liberal euphemism to make folks feel less horror when they realize they agree to let women butcher their own babies.


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  1. aw, thanks for the hat tip PJ. It is really hard to fathom why people who we know aren’t stupid can hold such stupid beliefs. On top of that, it was someone close to you, someone you trusted, so it’s like a betrayal.

    God bless you and your family; hope a workable routine is right on the horizon.


    • Well thanks for the nudge ; ) I will reply to the email soon–buried in all sorts of fun here. Thank you. Little man is sleeping better now that he’s feeling better. It still usually involves coming into bed with me in the middle of the night, but he’s so big so fast I don’t mind in some ways. I feel like we’re living in warp speed somehow.

  2. I hope your family is doing well, and I hope we’ll see more of your blogging — although prolonged silences are totally understandable.
    I had met a woman who had D&C after the baby was already dead, but her body had not yet purge him. I also had an 8 weeks miscarriage, I was actually never really pregnant. In my case it was merely disappointing.
    No, nobody will ban D&C.
    I usually read the first two sentences about Gosnell, and tune out. It’s sickening.

    • @Edge, thank you. Agreed about intentionally tuning out–it’s hard to force myself to read the testimony. I hope you and yours are doing well. I’ve missed you ; )

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