Are you fired up this morning after the debt debacle passage or ready to hide under the covers? Palin says it’s a victory.  I’m still not so sure. Searching for perspective, I found a little here and there.


I understand why Tea Partiers and even conservatives who drink decaf might think the debt ceiling deal isn’t very good, even allowing for the current strength of forces on the political chess board.  But judging from the UK papers on offer this morning here at Heathrow airport, Obama has had his head handed to him.  The Independent has a big photo of Obama on the front page, with the headline “Obama Humbled.”  The cutline describes the debt ceiling deal as “widely seen as a major defeat for the U.S. President.”  The full story on page 4 bears the headline “Obama Forced to Swallow Tea Party’s Demands.”

Professor Jacobson offers another pep talk:

Just months ago Obama was demanding a multi-trillion dollar “clean” (that is, completely unaccountable) increase, and then an increase with a trillion dollars in new taxes, and then taunting you to call his bluff, and then you were called extremists and hostage takers and terrorists by the mainstream media and pundits and politicians …

… and hobbits …

Sure, it wasn’t everything you wanted, and maybe not even most of what you wanted.  But you changed the direction of the debate to your terms.

So while it is understandable that you don’t view the debt deal as a win, don’t view it as a loss.

What say you? Was this as good as it gets?

3 Responses

  1. well, as fair as i can see its just more of the same ol nothing…pick the pea hidden under the nutshell. It really is too little too late and much a do about nothing.

  2. Oh, I dunno. I’m pretty numb to it all now. I was surprised the GOP held out as long as they did. I’m not surprised the deal’s not good enough, though.

    And I get a new insult to laugh about: Tea Party Terrorists holding America hostage.

    Bwa ha ha ha ha.

    So I second Missy Edge’s sentiment, that the next election is the real key. Wish election day were tomorrow.


  3. I agree. Serious financial reform has to wait until 2013, but in the meantime, the terms of the debate are changed. We do have to keep them honest after the next election.

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