A Nightmare That Will Last Forever

“All we wanted was a family. Instead, we were landed with a nightmare that will  last forever,”

So says an embittered consumer who didn’t get the commodity she ordered an anguished mother who was implanted with the sperm from a man with a different race.  

More family structures are crashing down.  As IVF numbers increase, the children “mistakes” increase…

 The largest sperm bank in Britain is under investigation from health  officials over claims they used sperm from the wrong donor after a gay couple  had two children from different racial backgrounds.

The alleged mix-up at the IVF clinic only emerged after the birth of the  couple’s second child, who is of different race to the rest of the family.

The parents are said to be “devastated” at the alleged mistake as they had  wanted their children to be genetically related by using the same sperm donor,  The (London) Sunday Times reported.

The damage to the [younger] child in the future, to both the siblings and  the family unit could be quite catastrophic,” said Caron Heyes, the couple’s  lawyer.

How quaint…the gay parents who are unable to produce children as a couple wanted to hold on to the old fashioned notion of actually having their children share the same genes!  So…not having the same sperm donor is catastrophic to the family unit, whilst the whole artificial conception, two mommies thing is ummm…what exactly?  Newsflash, ladies: the damage to the family unit was done long before the clinic mixed up fathers sperm vials.



5 Responses

  1. I can’t help thinking that this happens with some sort of regularity.

  2. oh man, it boggles the mind how people can twist logic into pretzels. Not sharing genes with your sibling can be catastrophic, but it’s okey dokey to not share genes with your parents? (PS neither makes sense of course–)

    they are devastated by a healthy child because of a different hue of skin.

    depravity at it’s lowest. Wait. unfortunately it’s only a step down. Civilization will go lower if this stuff keeps up.

    great post.

    • “they are devastated by a healthy child because of a different hue of skin.” Indeed.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Badbmaran, no lie, eh? The original article cited a couple who lost a negligence lawsuit when they gave birth to a mixed race baby. So…no “wrongful birth” wins….yet.

  4. Where are the liberals denouncing racism?

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